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Paul practices exclusively in the areas of mass torts, products liability and mesothelioma. In his nearly 20 years of practice, Paul has stood up for the rights of victims and tried numerous cases against the largest juggernauts in the world. What sets him, as well as his firm, apart from others: Paul will take the case to court and will aggressively represent his client’s interests. Indeed, this is why Paul was recently selected as a Top 20 California attorney and has twice been awarded law firm litigator of the year.

Examples of Paul’s bellwether trials include trying both the first Multi-District (MDL) and the first California State Court Vioxx trials. That litigation ultimately resolved for $4.85 billion.

Paul was also selected by the MDL Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee (PSC) to try the first MDL Bextra case. The overall litigation ultimately settled for nearly $2 billion.

The Avandia PSC also selected Paul as a member of the MDL trial team. Cases were selected for trial with Paul as the head trial attorney and, predictably, the litigation ultimately settled. The settlement, thus far, is for between 1 and 2 billion dollars.

There is a clear reason The Sizemore Law Firm has been so very successful. Corporations understand that the firm has the attorneys and resources to successfully prepare and try a lawsuit. Paul’s perseverance has resulted in a form of respect by the corporations that can only be achieved through success in the courtroom.

Bar Admissions: California, Alabama, Tennessee, New York, Georgia

PSC/Executive Committees: Crestor (Co-Lead Counsel); Shoulder Pain Pump; Bextra/Celebrex, Digitek, Avandia, Vioxx, Co-Chair Cox-2 Litigation Section

Trial Broadcasts: Paul has been fortunate enough to have no less than four of his national trials televised live and/or via the Internet.

Press: Based upon his tremendous legal success, Paul has been honored to be interviewed by television, radio, Internet and print media from around the world. For example, Paul has appeared on or been interviewed by:

  • National Public Radio, ABC, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, USA Today, Los Angeles Times, 60 Minutes (Australia), Abu Dhabi Reporter, America Justice Association, Daily Journal, Law Weekly, Legal Talk Network, Champions of Justice, The Associated Press, Reuters News Service, Atlanta Journal Constitution
  • Publication/Teaching Positions: Paul is a frequent lecturer across the country. He is asked by various groups to assist in the education of both attorneys and judges due to his litigation expertise. He has taught for AAJ, ATLA, Mealeys, Harris Martin, NMI, Mass Torts Made Perfect, etc.  Some of his speeches include:
  • Alabama’s Confidentiality Quagmire (08/2004)
  • Fosamax and the Latest in Vioxx (2006)
  • The Plaintiff’s Perspective on Identifying and Investigating Specific Cases (2006)
  • Embracing Risk Factors in Pharmaceutical Litigation: Trial Magazine Vol. 42 mo. 11 (11/06)
  • What’s Happening with Vioxx (2007)
  • Avandia Litigation (07/13/07)
  • Hot Topics in Pharmaceutical Litigation (2/23/09)
  • Pharmaceuticals in Litigation (06/24/09)
  • Expert Witness Strategies (10/01/09)
  • Fosamax Femur Litigation Update: State and MDL Case Strategies (8/10/11)

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