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Each year pharmaceutical companies across the globe earn billions of dollars in revenue by selling prescription drugs to US consumers.  While it would be comforting to presume that these companies have the best interest of Americans at heart, the truth is that these drug companies are largely profit driven.   In many instances, the prescription drugs manufactured by these companies are very dangerous or have devastating side effects which may not be apparent to either the prescribing physician or the patient taking the drug.  When it becomes apparent that many people have sustained injuries as a result of ingesting these prescription drugs, it may be possible for the resulting legal claims to become a mass tort.


Mass torts arise when there are large numbers of legal claims associated with a single product.  Basically this means that the company who manufactured or distributed the product was negligent in placing an inherently dangerous product onto the market or was negligent in failing to properly warn of the dangers associated with the product.  Many factors are considered when determining whether a particular set of claims should become a mass tort.

Such considerations include:

  • The number of people injured as a result of using the product
  • Many different claims with common, complex and recurrent issues of law
  • Similarity in injuries and damages among the plaintiffs
  • Geographical dispersion of the plaintiffs

Mass torts often involve when a dangerous drug is released onto the market and serious injuries or deaths occur, the affected parties deserve full compensation for things such as medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, and more.  Because most pharmaceutical mass tort cases are very complex, these cases are best handled by attorneys with years of experience in this field who are willing to see the matter through from start to finish.  Before a drug is released for sale on the market, pharmaceutical companies spend millions of dollars on research and development of these drugs.  As such, these drug companies must realize huge profits in order to see a solid return on their investment.  Unfortunately, far too frequently these profits come at the expense of the health and well being of Americans who ingest these prescription drugs in reliance on the drug companies’ promises that these drugs are actually more beneficial than harmful.

The Sizemore Law Firm has the experience, resources and trial commitment to taking your case to a successful conclusion no matter what the obstacles.

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